Latest News in Pattaya

The latest news in Pattaya is that the city is working on improving the beaches. The renovations will help attract more tourists to the area. Local authorities have already made improvements to the area’s beaches, and they’ve denied rumors that they’re “tearing it down.” Visitors can expect to see more restaurants, bars, and other entertainment options, and a wide variety of activities. It’s also a good time to visit the many local temples.

A Thai drug suspect has fled the country with his American wife after a courtroom stabbing and shooting. The suspect then shot his Thai wife as police closed in. The incident was captured on video by the police and is being investigated. The suspect is believed to have taken more than a thousand dollars from the city. It’s unclear how many victims the incident has caused. The city is experiencing a large influx of visitors this year.

A shooting and stabbing in a courtroom sent shockwaves through Pattaya. An American drug suspect and his Thai wife escaped after a courtroom shooting. The American suspect, who had just been convicted of stealing millions of dollars in cash from tourists, was arrested and shot, killing his wife and fleeing as the police closed in. During the investigation, the suspect and his wife remained in the scene.

An American drug suspect has escaped from the police with his Thai wife after a stabbing and courtroom shooting. The suspect and his wife were attacked by the police, and the woman was killed. The suspect fled with his wife as the police closed in. As the two sought refuge in a nearby building, the suspect shot her and fled. A courtroom shootout has resulted in a high number of arrests in the city.

An American drug suspect who stabbed his Thai wife and fled the scene after a courtroom shooting escaped with his wife. The couple had a long-standing relationship, but they were separated. The American man had been arrested before the courtroom incident. His Thai wife was shot by the drug suspect. As police closed in, the suspect fled with her. She slashed him as he fled. The American shot his wife as he was trying to escape. Looking More Latest news pattaya

A Thai woman was stabbed by a man whose American wife was a drug suspect. The American drug suspect and his Thai wife fled the scene after an arrest. The shooting took place in a courtroom in Pattaya. The police were trying to catch the American man and his wife, but the woman shot him. The suspect’s Thai spouse was wounded. A Thai woman was injured in the incident.

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